The Laptop Stand

Enjoy your laptop at home, on your sofa, armchair, chaise longue and even on the bed. Improve ergonomic features of mobile devices at home with Lounge-book laptop supports. Special for Home Workers! 


Metal structure made by metal finishings are powder coated or eco-chromed. Plastic parts made by ABS enforced with fiberglass or Polycarbonate…


Lounge-book  was designed specifically for use with laptops and tablets. Our goal is the best user experience and efficiency of the device…


All the components are made by our artisans with passion and accuracy. Respect for enviroment, workers and clients health are mandatory…


We were inspired by the Italian masters of design to meet every style. A new piece of furniture to be proudly left in the living room and not stored in the closet…

Info & Features of Lounge-tek supports


A new furniture element

Turn your sofa or your favorite armchair into a stylish and ergonomic workplace for laptops, made for home-workers.


Natural Wood with water coating finishing with zero emissions, Aluminium turned knobs, Inox Steel…


Reorganize spaces at home and be comfortable: transform your relax zone, in your office! 


Absolutly handmade with our great attention to details to give you give you back the emotion of a handmade object…


The idea was to create a new funiture element with innovative forms that meet the new needs of a digital lifestyle…


Something you should know about an ergonomic use of Laptop. Problems and pains due to a poor posture.

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100% Made in Italy

Our supports are expressly designed for laptop use, components are manufactured in Italy by our artisans. 

Fully adjustable

Height, Tilt, Rotation of Laptop support.
Find always the perfect position for Keyboard, Screen, Mouse. Avoid a poor posture.

Meets any Style 

Inspired by the masters of Italian Design, it’s available in several finishies to meets any style.  You’ll never have to hide it in a closet.


Thanks to the slim legs without wheels, easly slides under most of furniture. You can use it also for Ipad or E-book Reader .

Safe and practical

Your computer always works safely, cool, without risks of falls. No physical contact with your body to avoid heat and harmful EMF


Enjoy your laptop

Reorganize spaces, improve laptop experience, live new digital lifestyles


Lounge-tek supports in action

Lounge-tek introduced a new furniture element designed for new digital lifestyle. 


Clients say

Our clients are our best testimonials


Fantastic customer service when the desk took a while to arrive in midst of COVID. Desk is high quality, well made, and (most important for me) is totally unobtrusive in the room…


Amazing product! Easy to assemble, easy to adjust, easy to move. It has made working from home so much better. 
No more Slouching, better Posture..

Angel Carrasco

This is a great product, we ordered one for my husband and he uses it to work from home instead of sitting at a desk. It is comfortable to use, easy to adjust and was easy assemble….

Marnie D.

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Tips, reviews, best practice.

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