Laptop stand

Ergonomic Laptop stand to use laptop at home

Design and Products for new digital lifestyles, since 2008.
Enjoy computing at home 
with Lounge-tek Supports!
Ergonomic Comfort, Style, 100%Made in Italy

starting from #19,00 €

No poor posture, no back-pain, always comfort, relax, ergonomic, using laptop at home with Lounge-tek’s laptop supports.
Fully adjustable, you can always find a comfortable position, enjoy your laptop at home, on your sofa, armchair, chaise longue and even on the bed.
Available in several finishies to meet any style in furniture, Lounge-book will be your new element furniture, expressly designed for power Laptop users, home workers, freelance, geeks.

Time needed: 3 minutes.

How to get a good posture, using laptop at home

  1. Use a Lounge-book, the laptop stand fully adjustable:

    height, tilt and rotation of the laptop base, to find an ergonomic position for your eyes, neck and wrists.

  2. Get versatility with flat legs:

    the laptop support easy slides under most of furniture without wheels, Lounge-book meet any furniture and style.

  3. Get a mousepad for external mouse

    ….And use it from left or right, simply rotating 180 the laptop base, relax your wrists

  4. Choose an ergonomic and relaxing place

    May be your favorite armchair, sofa, bed, find the good position for neck, spinal and lumbar muscles and with help of cushions.