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Lounge-tek creates “Coolfit” to improve stability and cooling of the laptop support

Coolfit improve cooling of laptops and notebook

More Cooling for your Laptop, 

Lounge-tek has created Coolfit and inserts it as standard equipment in each Support for Laptops

– use with curve-profile and big laptops to add grip and stability
– allow a better airflow and cooling
– more inclination available in safety mode

CoolFit is an adhesive rubber feet, made in Technogel®, a non-toxic shock-absorbent patented material, wich doesn’t stain or soil and can be easily stuck over and over without losing the adhesive strength.

More stability for Laptops

CoolFit have various benefits: low-profile and big laptops are more stable, better airflow and cooling, increase maximum inclination maintaining a complete safety and stability that your laptop needs. Someone use coolfit to support play console for exemple sony PS4.

More Ergonomics for Laptops also on the table.

Coolfit also softens keyboard vibrations caused by typing text, and can tilt some degree to improve ergonomic of keyboard position.

CoolFit positioning:

For Laptops: stick in the upper right left of the dish, as seen in the pictures on below:



For Tablet or E-book Reader: let use it , to stop the tablet on the table as seen on the picture on below:

support ipad read e-book