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Lounge-tek creates “Coolfit” to improve stability and cooling of the laptop

Coolfit improve cooling of laptops and notebook

Stability, Cooling, Ergonomics

Lounge-tek has created Coolfit and inserts it as standard equipment in each Support for Laptops

– use with curve-profile and big laptops to add grip and stability
– allow a better airflow and cooling
– more inclination available in safety mode

CoolFit is an adhesive rubber feet, made in Technogel®, a non-toxic shock-absorbent patented material, wich doesn’t stain or soil and can be easily stuck over and over without losing the adhesive strength.

CoolFit have various benefits: low-profile and big laptops are more stable, better airflow and cooling, increase maximum inclination maintaining a complete safety and stability that your laptop needs.
Coolfit also softens keyboard vibrations caused by typing text

If you don’t need them on your Lounge-book, you can use the CoolFit in the office attached to the laptop or as a gift.

CoolFit positioning:

For Laptops: stick in the upper right left of the dish, as seen in the pictures on below:



For Tablet or E-book Reader: let use it , to stop the tablet on the table as seen on the picture on below:

support ipad read e-book


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