Improve ergonomic features of Mobile Devices, with Lounge-tek’s supports for laptop

  1. Enjoy computing at home

    Use your laptop on armchair, sofa, bedlaptop supports to enjoy computing at home

  2. Find always an ergonomic posture

    With fully adjustable Lounge-tek’s supports you can set height, tilt and rotatation of laptop base.

  3. An innovative furniture element

    It is not necessary to store the support after use, Lounge-tek notebook supports are the innovative furniture element that meet your style with italian design and several finishes

  4. Save space

    Slim Design allow to free up space on tables and desks, or replace the bedside table


Lounge-book and Lounge-wood are the most imited supports for Notebook and Tablet.
Lounge-tek supports are fully adjustable Laptop Desk that allow to find the right position wherever you want: on armchair, sofa and even on the bed. Perfect for Home Workers!Ergonomic laptop support Lounge-book

laptop support


A new furniture element that allow to use comfortable at home the new digital devices as Laptop, Notebook, Tablet, E-book Reader. Transform your favorite place in a stylish laptop desk. Highly suggested for Home Workers and power users.


Lounge-tek supports was born to improve Ergonomics in the use of computer and prevention of physical troubles related to a prolonged use of digital devices. This fact, in long term, can damage view, wrists, back and spinal column.
The Lounge-tek supports are designed to prevent these pathologies, please see: ERGONOMIC page .
For example, the comfortable Mouse Pad is positioned to rest your wrists without compromising the stability of the support. In this way, you can use an external mouse with the maximum comfort for arms, shoulder and back, a prevention for cervicals and carpal tunnel disease.


Lounge- book and Lounge-wood are Laptop Desks designed for Notebook and Netbook, but they are also an excellent support for Tablet Pc, such as I-Pad by Apple or Amazon Kindle . In fact, one of the most common critics about this kind of disposals, is the effort necessary to hold them in case of long use, for example when you read a book or you watch a movie. Lounge-wood, includes new features that improve the user experience with Tablet and E-book Readers

New objects for Digital Lifestyle


Biovertigo are wallmount planters. Create vertical gardens for green decor of interiors and terrace. Biovertigo is more than a simple flowerpot, it’s a kit with reduced maintenance thanks to an innovative system to store humidity. Compose vegetal picture-frames with Flowers and real Plants!! Nautre’s Wall art!


TinTable (Tino for Friends) is a new furniture element inspired by Feng Shui Philosphy. A touch of Industrial Style for loft and renovations that you can use as Small Table, Stool, Chair, Stand for Art Objects.
Tino represents the revenge of nature versus the human technologies: wood seems crush metal to find an equilibrium, in our digital lifestyles.

Lounge-tek works for your comfort, since 2007.

In 2007, we was looking for a Laptop support, but we didn’t found nothing …. why don’t to produce one, following our specs?
We meet some skilled artisans in Veneto furniture district… et voilà Lounge-tek and his new approach to customers by e-commerce.
We created Lounge-book a fully adjustable Laptop support easy to use with a strange design never seen before.
A Stylist, defined our support “Alien”… but after thousands of satisfied customer, we could simply mention our master Achille Castiglioni : “Good design projects never originate from the ambition to leave one’s own mark, but from one’s willingness to build a relationship with the unknown end-user.”
Achille Castiglioni didn’t known the web opportunities, certainly he would have appreciated the easy way to contact users of his objects.