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Lounge-tek lapdesks @Goodesign 2015. Painting with plants: Biovertigo coming soon

April, 2015

Lounge-tek, provide his “Ergonomic Support for Laptop and Tablet”, to “enjoy computing” in the lounge-terrace outdoor @Goodesign 2015 , Milano Design Week.

Lounge-book Ecodesign Natural
It’s composed by a metal structure rusted and other parts in a special Polymer made by plastic and recycled wood.

Lounge-wood Natural
It’s made by inox steel and cultivated wood with a natuar effect made by water-paints zero emissions.
We are work in progress on a new project, here is a first preview.

Lounge-tek biovertigo paint with bio chiara

We are work in progress on a new project, here is a first preview.
What do you think about painting with plants?
Lounge-tek Biovertigo will be an innovative “Plant Framework” with a revolutionary concept that need a low maintenance. (no electric watering).
You are the artist, flowers and plants your colors, BioVertigo is your canvas!
What do you think about this project?
If you are interested in, please fill the form below to be updated on it’s progress !