The new laptop-stand Lounge-book Ecodesign Rusted in Fuorisalone 2013

laptop lectern made by ecodesign concept

Lounge-tek proudly presents his Laptop-Lectern “Ecodesign Rusted” @Goodesign 2013, furniture by Giorgio Caporaso Ecodesign Collection

Milan April 9, 2013

Lounge-tek proudly present at the GOODESIGN 2013 the new finishing “Rusted” on his Lounge-book. This according to our Ecodesign philosophy that require us to use as possible materials with low enviromental impact or coming from the recycling chain.
We start the production recycling the refuse of the painting process, using a no-chemical process by sandblasting. The rust is catalyzed by a washing with salt and water, for two weeks time. We give to the product a normal usability thanks to a painting water based. The use of chemical solvent is reduced of 90%.
The notebook-holder tray and the Mouse Pad are made of a mixture of ordinary plastic and waste from wood processing.
During the die casting process, the random mixing of the two components creates an effect that makes each Lounge-book a one-piece, with the emotion and the warmth offered by wood.
The strength and the resistance to moisture and wear are those proper of plastic, without increases in cost of the product.
The result is a reduction of up to 70% in the use of plastic, exploiting waste material as raw material and thus enhancing the recycling chain.
The color tone and tactile sensation of the metal frame of the Loungebook.
The product is provided with a simple kit that minimize the costs and the environmental impact of logistics. The package is made from recycled cardboard for an easy and correct disposal.
For all the national and international direct shipping we use UPS, that delivers up to the 99.9% in an accurate and timely way, and we choose the “Carbon Neutral” mode, which plans to invest a portion of revenues in CO2 compensating activities, such as reforestation. We design and produce our products in the Veneto’s Furniture district, we directly select the providers of components and we check them according to the European Union Regulations about respect and protection of people.
We have developed a code of business conduct that reflects the values and experiences handed down from our parents, and the community in which we live: we call it “Made in Ethics”