Lounge-book comparison. The Laptop table fully adjustable, expressly designed for mobile devices

Why you need a laptop table.

Tables are designed for paper and pencils or desktop PC, but permanent desk spaces are the thing of the past: many of us working in a nomadic style thanks to laptop and other mobile devices.
Many years of ergonomics research led to workstation designs and working practices intended to reduce the effects of poor posture in the workplace.
With the move to laptops, tablets, and mobile working, most of these ideas seem to have been forgotten.

The laptop problem has been recognised for many years, the standard advice is just follow the practices adopted for desktops and workstations. For example, the top of the screen should be roughly level with your eyes.
Also Tablet PC may be even more dangerous, many people are already suffering from “iPad neck-pain”.
Houses are also transforming, with open spaces instead of computer rooms. People are working on sofa, armchair, deck-chair or also on the bed.
Lounge-wood since 2008 developed an innovative solution expressly designed to create e new laptop table, fully adjustable, easy to move, ergonomic, comfortable. Lounge-book is the most imitated laptop table, because Lounge-tek has founded the key features to meet ergonomie with comfort.
Height regulation, tilt regulation to find correct position of keyboard, freedom to move, easy to transport, easy to slide under most of furniture.

Product comparison

When we started Lounge-book program in 2008, marketplaces didn’t offer specific solutions, still today many products are adjustment of standard products made for other purpose (over bed table with wheels for hospitals) or have many limitations using with laptop.
Here is a product comparison Lounge-book vs. most diffused laptop-tables

Lavolta and other similars laptop table for couch:

Pros: Low cost, easy to put away, perfect for bed

Cons: Stability depends from the seat, don’t allow to move freely, needs regular surface, not easy to adjust, without external mousepad

LANGRIA and other similar Laptop Rolling Cart Table with wheels

Pros: Low cost, easy to move, good for 90 degree position (perpendicular to the user)

Cons: Wheels are practical but can decrease stability, wheels require more space to slide under furniture, the laptop tray does not rotate, so 90 degree is the only one position allowed , adapted from a hospital product, the aesthetic has the same mood.

IKEA DAVE and other similar laptop small table

Pros: Low cost, nice design, using also as coffee table

Cons: central leg that does not allow him to keep it right in front of user, limited adjustment settings, no stops for laptop, laptop-tray does not rotate, require an additional laptop riser.

Able Life and other similar Swivel Laptop Table

Pros: Very stable, freedom to move, using also as universal table

Cons: the laptop tray does not tilt, require a laptop riser, difficult to move, you can use it on one place, only for couch armchair.

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