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Lounge-Wood laptop stand is a beautiful piece of furniture too.

By Ubergizmo

Despite the term laptop, chances are you’ll probably be more productive and slightly more comfortable if you were sitting at a desk, or if you had a more stable surface to place your laptop on. Sure there are laptop stands currently available which claim to provide ergonomical features, but are they as beautiful as the Lounge-Wood laptop stand? We think not. The Lounge-Wood is made out of painted wood which is grown in zero emissions to water and steel rods go through the entire design to provide a bit more stability and sturdiness. As you can see from the photos, it can be placed any where and even comes with a space that you can put your mouse on. There’s even additional space below where you can put your phone or a book or a writing pad, whatever you choose. It looks great if you’re trying to achieve the minimalist/natural look for your home as it should mesh well with those types of designs.:

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