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Lounge-wood Natural is the ergonomic laptop table that meet style & comfort with the warmth of wood and the strength of the inox steel. Fully adjustable, you can find always a good posture using laptop on sofa, armchair, couch, even on the bed.

  • Ergonomic!
  • Comfortable use of laptops 
  • Useful also as tablet stand for iPad and kindle
  • Handcrafted Quality
  • Natural Materials (Cultivated wood handmade varnished by water coating zero emissions, inox steel, aluminium)
  • Inspired from the Masters of Italian Design.

Loungewood has a inox steel structure with height regulation

Handmade product

Colour Neutral with natural Effect hand painted with brush. Zero Emission Water-based Varnish.
The elegant knobs to adjust height, tilting, and rotation of the Laptop-Tray are handmade by aluminium on exclusive Design for Lounge-tek.
Total Weight of the Lounge-wood 6 kg. (Doesn’t need wheels to slide on floor)
We suggest a Lounge-wood to support Laptops up to 18″ , max. weight of 5 kg.
Coolfit included

Tha laptop table with complete adjustment single lever to rotate and tilt the laptop base
Lounge-wood has a high range of height regulation (20 to 90 cm, from the ground).
We suggest Lounge-wood if you want to use laptop on the American bed (higher) or a japanese Tatami (lower).

Lounge-wood laptop supports slip easy under most of furniture.

Only 3cm under chair, sofa, bed

Lounge-wood laptop table slips easy under most of furniture elements, it require only 3 cm of space!
Lounge-wood does not need wheels to move, wheels reduce stabillity and need more space to slide under armchair, sofa, bed.

Lounge-wood is available in two versions: “Standard” and “Sail Version”.
“Sail version” differs for the original “Smartphone Stand” inspired by a sail form. Sail element is made by the same wood of the laptop stand.
Metallic structure, is composed by two Inox Steel pipes with a satin effect finishing.
Legs, Base, Laptop-tray, Mouse Pad and other components like the “Sail Smartphone Stand” are made by Cultivated wood


Laptop support, useful also for tablet PC e-book.Loungewood in minimal configuration.

Minimal Lounge-wood without Mousepad


Comfortable and ergonomic.

The original “one knob” regulation system, locks the laptop tray when you’ve finded the best position to use Laptop.
The laptop-tray can rotate 360° and tilt 35° in safety mode. For example you can use Lounge-wood on bed, either from the left or right side as a perfect bedside table. Save space and improve features of traditional furniture with millenials concepts of a digital lifestyle.

The”legs” are robust enough to support the structure, but are also thin enough to slip easily under most beds, armchairs, sofas (you need only 3 cm of space).

Using with Tablet, iPad, e-Book reader

Lounge-wood was born for laptops, in 2014, we have introduced some features to improve the user experience with Tablet and e-Book reader.
The cut, allow to use tablet in two modes with different angles, always safety for devices.

loungewood as tablet stand

  • The first one is 40°, leaving space for an external keyboard, you can tilt the tray for the more comfortable position. In this mode, a Lounge-wood transforms your tablet in a perfect netbook
  • The second one is 10 ° against the tray board, as a support useful to watch video and multimedia.

“The cut”, can hold Tablet PC  max. 13 mm thickness. Some felt-pads are supplied in each Lounge-wood, to host the slim last generation Tablet PC

*Photos and VIdeo of the Tablet use, are taken with the “Lounge-Wood Natural SAIL” model

Product is provided with an easy mounting kit that minimize the costs and the environmental impact of logistics.
Package is made from recycled cardboard for an easy and correct disposal.
To learn more, please take a look at the General Description Page

Achille Castiglioni said: “Good design projects never originate from the ambition to leave one’s own mark, but from one’s willingness to build a relationship with the unknown end-user.”
Our products are totally handmade in Italy. Lounge-wood Natural is finished by a layer of water varnish painted by brush.


Lounge-tek is a registered Mark of Lounge-tek srl N° 0001406395
Lounge-book is invented by Lounge-tek – Patent N° VR2007A000120
Patent pending US 2011/0232540 – European Patent 20080833603
Lounge-wood is a Registered Design by OHIM 001714551-0001 – 001714551-0002 

3 reviews for Natural

  1. Jan Skapple

    December 18, 2017
    Verified Purchase by US.
    Beautiful notebook stand. Also, I did have to contact Lounge-Tek directly about a small problem. I cannot say enough good things about their customer service. It was excellent! I highly recommend this product and this company.

  2. Marion

    Thank you for sending the small table. The wood is very beautiful and noble, including the workmanship.
    Unfortunately I have to attach a criticism anyway. Unfortunately, the tablet on which the laptop is placed, can not be permanently detected. After two times the screw below the Table this screw turns through and is therefore no longer firm. Unfortunately!!!
    I would be glad if you offer me a solution.
    With best regards

    • Lounge-tek Admin (store manager)

      Dear Marion: the one-knob locking system of the notebook tray is “two-way” if you turn the tray you can tighten or loosen in the same way as the knob. Some customers have benefited by adding a small rubber ring between the joint and the arm. Some other find it useful this way because it uses the same tray at the same time as the knob to loosen or tighten the system in the desired position.
      Keep us informed if the suggestion can be useful.
      Thank you for purchasing our laptop stand

  3. Rose (verified owner)

    Thank you so much. This is an excellent table for my IPad Pro. I am so pleased with this lovely piece of furniture. Rose

    • Lounge-tek Admin (store manager)

      Hi Rose! Thanks for your words… would be fantastic and helpful for other customers a photo of your IPAd Pro in Action!
      Lounge-tek team

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