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Lounge-book Ecodesign laptop support kit reviewed by Jeff

We sended a Lounge-book Ecodesign to  Jeff Gedgaud a freelance that has made an intersting Reviews Blog about technology and house products. Jeff  give some interesting informations and tips to understend product and quality features. We provide Lounge-book in a easy mountable Laptop Support Kit. Lounge-book Ecodesign is the most enviromental friendly version of Lounge-tek Supports.…
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watching tv on laptop or tabletPC

Watch TV on Laptop. Brazil 2014 is best with a Lounge-tek support

If the German world Championship in Germany 1974 was the “Tv color mundial” , Brazil 2014 will be the “Mobile Mundial” . The great diffusion of the mobile technologies,  and the big offer of bradcast and web provider (Sky is the leader),  will start the new mobile era in soccer entertainment. In the four years…
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ergonomic supports for wi-fi lounge

Notebook accessories for public spaces and wi-fi area

Lounge-tek products are born as Notebook Accessories to be used at home. Thanks to their ergonomic features may become a commodity, to offer internet to customers, as the internet connection. All people focus on the connectivity service, but it is also important to enjoy computing in ergonomic way to relax and prevent postural troubles. Waiting…
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using laptop on the bed. Ergonomic support.

Using laptop on the bed. The best Ergonomic Support.

bringing your laptop to bed may be comfortable . Whether you’re looking to get a little extra work done in the evening or to relax with a movie, the most comfortable position to use a laptop, is to lie on your back and place the computer on a proper support. Lounge-book and Lounge-wood are the…
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a laptop stand for chaise longue

The best laptop-stand for armchairs, sofa, chaise-longue

Best workplace for Laptop and tablet. Use it on sofa, couch, chaise longue, armchair. Many people say that Lounge-book and Lounge-wood are the best laptop support at home. Theuy used it as a stand, for entertainment or a desktop workplace. The adjustable ergonomic laptop-stand by Lounge-tek, lets you use comfortable, your Notebook PC on sofa,…
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Lounge-tek at fuorisalone 2014

“I Saloni” the international Exhibition is coming…. Lounge-tek will be represented by two point of presence in Fuorisalone . “Confluenze”, at the “Fabbrica del Vapore” with “Artigiani Audaci” . “Confluenze” is an exhibition that reunites a group of companies under the sign of “Artigiani Audaci” in order to share and interpret the subject of conviviality through…
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Lounge-wood 2014. New features to support iPad, Tablet, E-book Reader

Improve Ergonomic features of Tablet PCs, I-Pad, Kindle, E-book readers Four years later the great success of Apple iPad, we think that the Tablet introduced a new lifestyle in mobility, but not replaced the Laptops for the personal productivity needs. We studied for a long time to create a new ergonomic accessory, to make  comfortable…
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using laptop with wheelchairs

Using Laptop on Wheelchair. Lounge-book for disabled and injured people.

Lounge-book and Lounge-wood are fully adjustable supports for use laptops and tablets over a bed or chair or by the wheelchair if you are disabled or elderly and need extended periods sitting or in bed. For use at home and in hospitals, nursing and residential care homes. Lounge-book are also useful disability aids at meal…
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Share an Idea Competition, award for Sketch-up community by Lounge-tek

Verona, March 2011 SHARE AN IDEA competition is an award created by Lounge-tek for Sketch Up community. This is the idea: send us your 3D simulation using the Lounge-Book or Lounge-Wood and win one of 10 laptop tables Send your images and/or a 3D pdf model before the end of May 2011, an evaluation panel…
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New concepts in furniture: Lounge-tek with the lapdesks at Fuorisalone 2011.

“I Saloni 2011” has expired, and we would thanks LAGO to show our supports in the amazing  Appartamento LAGO  The Appartamento Lago project emerged with just this intent: improve people’s lives and work, develop connections, let design be seen in a real house, so that it can be tried out, touched and experienced. LAGO’s staff  is…
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