The Laptop stand

  • ergonomic comfort using laptop at home
  • Ergonomic furniture. Comfort using laptop and tablet PC with a fully adjustable table.
  • Wrong posture may cause back-pain, cervical muscles, neck-pain,
  • Ergonomic laptop desk. use your laptop, notebook, ultrabook on armchair. Comfort, good posture.
  • Ergonomic comfot using laptop on couch. Improve ergonomic features of mobile devices with fully adjustable supports.


Design en producten sinds 2008 om van een nieuwe digitale levensstijl te genieten.
Geniet thuis van uw laptop en tablet met Lounge-Tek Support
Ergonomisch comfort, stijl en 100% made in Italië
Vanaf € 99,00


using laptop on lounge-chiar Milan design week fabbrica del vapore
Lounge-book Crystal Chrome, lounge-chair by David Style