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Lounge-book also for hotels and hospitality: the apartment residence Juliet House Verona

porta computer portatile da casa con deaign minimalismo e classe

Verona, September 2012

When you are  business travel or on holidays,  are you finding the best places to support your laptop or tablet?
Most of hotels, Residence Apartments, Bed & Breakfast has a traditional furniture and focus their digital services on wi-fi or tv. Few hospitality manager thinks to any other important service asd the ergonomics.
People comes back to the hotel and often must be connected with the headquarter to send data , read e-mail or wrtite a report…..they need to do it in a comfortable position when using Notebook or tablet PC. Anyone use those devices also for entertainment, to watch films , news, or simply play poker on line…
Usuale people do it uncomfortable in wrong posture, comfortless for body and non-functional for computers.

Juliet House Verona  is a modern and design resort in the heart of the ancient Verona.
They give a Lounge-book as a support for laptop and tablet to customers, architect studied a special paint according with the different interiors, each inspired from different opera represented in the nearby Arena every summer.

laptop stand for hotels and beb rooms save space get comfort , also replace a traditional small table o bedside table
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laptop ergonomic for hospitality: lounge-book in apartment residence Bolzano

bedside table for laptops hotel rooms

A perfect furniture elemen for hotels  and hospitality

Booking Bolzano offers new solutions for modern-style living in the beautiful and historic city of Bolzano.
Comfort, privacy and convencience are only some of the advantanges we offer over traditional hotels.

More space, ergonomic comfort in Hotel rooms.

They say : “Our properties are fully equipped, thus offering the best comforts. Our staff is always at your disposal to satisfy every need.”

A bedside table for laptop and tablet.

Booking Bolzano offers to clients a lounge-book: a new way to use laptop , also in hotel, for  people that wish to use laptops and tablet also after a business journey or on holidays.
They chosen the model Ecodesign to be enviroment friendly , according the mood of the rooms.

Hotel uncomfortable, as usual!

It’s difficult to find an ergonomic place on hotel rooms. A poor posture using laptop, as usual! After a business day, people mainly need to work again from the hotel room, to communicate, send reports or improve presentations for the day later.
Lounge-book in a hotel room improve ergonomic features of laptop, creating a perfect work-place also on the bed, saving space if used instead the bedside table.

Specials for Contract

Do you wish to euquipe our hotel rooms or apartment residence with Lounge-book?
You can save space and offer to clients an appreciated service!
For us it’s an important opportunity to show our products and try his features to new potential customer! We incentive hotels, apartments, Bed & Breakfast, Clubs  and other public organizations with special bids and custom versions of our laptop support!

Please contact us sending an e-mail to sales[at]

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The best reference are all our customers

The best references are our customers…
Amazon’s market place has an amazing system to collect the reviews of customers …. a precious index to enhance our customer satisfaction…
Here is the reviews of UK clients click on the image for the updataed page


“It came with two right feet, if you see what I mean, but Andrea at Lounge-Tek sorted it out and shipped me a new left foot with no hassle. The original shipment arrived in a week (not bad from Italy), and the replacement foot still arrived before the original estimated delivery date. Great product, excellent service.”

“Item exactly as described and dispatched almost immediately. Tracking info advised and delivered exactly when they said. Perfect…..really happy customer.”

“Delivered from Italy in four days – excellent. The unit works very well in use with a good range of adjustment. One small point – I bought the “recycled materal” version which has a pleasant brown-ish red finish. However, the mixed wood/plastic “work” surfaces have a slightly odd mottled matt/gloss unfinished look. Should I buy another, I might prefer the slightly cheaper plain finish.”

amazon uk evaluation may 2015


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Lounge-book for laptops at the Digital House by Cisco System Italy

Find Solutions at Cisco Briefing Centers
The Cisco Executive Briefing Center, located at the corporate headquarters, welcomes visitors from around the world. There, you can meet with Cisco executives and subject matter experts to discuss business solutions and future transformations.
Customer Briefing Centers are located around the globe. Visit one of these centers for interactive demonstrations and discussions with Cisco industry and technology experts to see how an intelligent network can transform your business.
The italian Cisco Briefing center use a Lounge-book  to allow a real comfortable home computing, empowering the WiFi/Notebook potential. The innovative technologies of home automation from the laptop make a  centralized control of lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), appliances, security locks of gates and doors and other systems, to provide improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security


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Lounge-book in the public spaces at the Milan IBM Forum, the Client Center for Italy

We collaborated with the italian branch of “Big Blue” to improve the confort of the guests at the IBM Forum Milano.
The Architects have conceived the common room as an open space with many living spaces for meetings and waiting… here the Lounge-book allow the “nomad workers” to use laptop more comfortable ….
The IBM Client Centre is part of a European network of 15 centres and provides the ideal environment for clients, Business Partners and IBM to meet, and to access knowledge, expertise and innovation.
Use the IBM Client Centre to host events, to co-market with IBM and to leverage the IBM brand. Meet your business needs, market your solutions, create opportunities and build relationships with your clients and business partners using IBM’s purpose built and state of the art client centre.

IBMforum web

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Lounge-book for fashion bloggers at Rosemount Fashion Week

Sidney, May 2010

Rosemount Fashion Week, running from the 2nd through to the 8th of May, is a week of fashion events showcasing Australia’s leading designer brands and retailers. Fashion Week organisers will utilise a product newly introduced to the Australian market. The new Lounge Book, a collection of comfortable laptop tables will be used by internationally renowned bloggers of the fashion industry. The portability of the Lounge Book will enable bloggers to post their blogs right from the centre of action, the front row of runway collection shows.


The newly released Lounge Books are designed with both ergonomics and aesthetics in mind. While being a stylish accessory for laptop users that would appear at home in the fanciest of surroundings, it is the practicality of the Lounge Book that is paramount. Enabling users to move from bedroom, to lounge room to garden, the Lounge book gives users a freedom of movement that allows them to work in almost any environment. The ergonomic design of the Lounge Book enables use by either left or right handed users, can be height adjusted and the angle of the table can also be adjusted. This ensures users both comfort and reduced risk of computer related injuries.