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cool and fit feets for laptops

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Laptop cooling accessories

CoolFit is an adhesive rubber feet that improve laptop cooling when posittioning under Notebook’s Chassis.
Coolfit is made by Technogel® : an unique “soft solid” material, that joins together the 3D deformation of a fluid and the memory’ shape of a solid.
It’s a completely non-toxic and stable polyurethane substance (made without using oils or plasticizers) at first developed for the medical field.
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Coolfit allow infinity “attach and remove” operations. Rinnovation of the adhesive layer is simply by cleaning with water.
Coolfit works also as vibration dampeners, improving comfort of hard work with keyboard (intensive insert text etc.)
Coolfit KIT includes 4 pieces (two couples)
CoolFit have various benefits:

Cooling Laptops

improve cooling of big laptops: coolfit create a better airflow adding space under the chassis where usually are located air vents.

Improve stability and Laptop Cooling


Use two feets to create a 5-8 degrees inclination, more ergonomic for wrists and hands when clicking on keyboard. It also reduce vibration by clicking on laptop keyboard, maintaining a complete safety and stability that your laptop needs.

Using with Laptops and Tablet on Lounge-tek’s Supports

Use Coolfit to improve stability and cooling of your Laptop on Lounge-tek supports. You can also use Coolfit as stopper to improv e stability and tilting of tablet, Ipad, Kindle and other E-nopok Readers.
Each Lounge-tek support includes two pieces (one couple)

support e-book reader

CoolFit positioning on lounge-tek supports: stick in the upper right left of the dish,  under the support feet of the laptop. You can also use it to stop tablet or iPad on laptop tray fixing devices on the sides.


cool & fit your laptop


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