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Lounge-book is the most imited ergonomic laptop support.
Lounge-book is designed with an innovative concept of “Suspension” that allow to find always the correct position. Lounge-book avoid poor posture using laptop computers at home.
All Lounge-tek supports, have the same functionalty, they differ in the finishes, in order to adapt to any type of furniture and meet any taste and Style.

Ergonomic, fully adjustable
Avoid Bad posture
Comfortable, also for Computers
Useful also for iPad, Tablet PC, E-book Reader
Handcrafted, quality 100% Made in Italy
Inspired from the Masters of Italian Design

Achille Castiglioni said: “Good design projects never originate from the ambition to leave one’s own mark, but from one’s willingness to build a relationship with the unknown end-user.”

Product Features

Fully adjustable: laptop tray 360° rotation, 35° tilting, height regulation. Find always the ergonomic correct posture and a comfortable working position of your laptop.
Metallic structure by powder coating adjustable height. Color Gray.
The legs require only 3 cm (1,2 Inchs) under chair, couch or bed.
Lounge-book is symmetric: you can hold an external mouse on the mousepad from left and right, simply rotating 180° the structure and laptop tray.
Laptop tray, Mouse Pad and the Aesthetic cover for legs are made by transparent Polycarbonate, 
Ergonomic knobs to adjust height, tilt, rotation, are made by plastic materials. Color Anthracite.
Total Weight of the Lounge-book 5 kg (don’t requires wheels to move and slide under most of furniture).
We suggest for Lounge-book Standard to support Laptops up to 17″- 18″ , max weight 3,5 kg.
Coolfit included (use coolfit with large Laptops and notebook  with curve profile) 

Metallic structure is composed by two sliding elements to regulate an optimal height of the laptop-tray starting with a minimum height based on the European standard furniture.
The laptop-tray is also able to rotate 360° and to tilt 35° in safety mode, this feature allow to use your Laptop ergonomically  with a correct posture.
For example you can use the Laptop on your armchair either from the left or right side, transforming your armchair in a perfect laptop desk.
To learn more about Lounge-tek support use, please take a look to the Description Page

The”legs” are robust enough to support the structure, and also thin enough to slip easily under most beds, armchairs, sofas (you need only 3 cm of space).

new pack to reduce volume

The product is provided with an easy mounting kit that reduces logistics costs and his environmental impact.
Lounge-tek is the first Italian Brand to use UPS Carbon Neutral option to reduce enviromental impact of deliveries

The package is made from recycled cardboard for an easy and correct disposal.


Lounge-tek is a registered Mark of Lounge-tek srl N° 0001406395
Lounge-book is invented by Lounge-tek – Patent N° VR2007A000120
Patent pending US 2011/0232540 – European Patent 20080833603
Lounge-wood is a Registered Design by OHIM 001714551-0001 – 001714551-0002 

OHIM Certification


Additional information

Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 60 x 40 x 8 cm

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