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Lounge-book for laptops at the Digital House by Cisco System Italy

Find Solutions at Cisco Briefing Centers
The Cisco Executive Briefing Center, located at the corporate headquarters, welcomes visitors from around the world. There, you can meet with Cisco executives and subject matter experts to discuss business solutions and future transformations.
Customer Briefing Centers are located around the globe. Visit one of these centers for interactive demonstrations and discussions with Cisco industry and technology experts to see how an intelligent network can transform your business.
The italian Cisco Briefing center use a Lounge-book  to allow a real comfortable home computing, empowering the WiFi/Notebook potential. The innovative technologies of home automation from the laptop make a  centralized control of lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), appliances, security locks of gates and doors and other systems, to provide improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security

LB CBC Milano3
LB CBC Milano1


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The Lounge-Book using laptop outdoor: on the beach, on the garden, at the club house

Lounge-book is a perfect support to enjoy computing also outdoor, for example in the garden or on the beach (it need umbrellas) It’s usual to see people that use Laptop or tablet on the beach, to work or communicate also on  holidays…. but always with some difficult to support laptops with the naked legs…. here a collection of the wrong positions to use laptop we look daily ….

move your office on the beach

We tested the support in two different beach both provided of the required Wi-Fi Area to assure the internet connection for guests. Balzi Rossi Beach in Liguria Italy, near  “Cote d’azure”  is  not only sea but a fitness club on the beach. Every comfort, also the Lounge-book if you want to use your notebook in complete relax.
Kontiki Beach in Romagna Italy, a traditional popular bathouse with a good restaurant on the sea.

Use your laptop outdoor, on garden, terrace, poolside

Lounge-book is the perfect support to use a laptop in the garden on the deckchair …….. better poolside with a cold drink over the Mousepad, it’s a good solution for home workers, to use laptop in the most relaxed situation.

Please take a look at our Lounge-book Outdoor suggestions page

Lounge-book is a perfect furniture for computers also for the club house of the Yacht club, Golf club and more, like this photo taked on the Yacht Club in Porto Cervo Sardinia. A lot of people use the relaxing time to communicate or works with their laptop.

Lounge-book was used also in the Lounge of the press room during the RC44 World Series in Malcesine, to allow a relaxed work for the journalist .

loungebook fvm rc 44