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Computer stress

Computer stress for home workers in the summer season.

Computer stress is the feeling of anxiety and discomfort that the user suffers when use a computer system uncomfortable and it works different from his or her expectations.
It’s summer: for those who work 8 hours at the computer, the risk of stress looms more than in any other season. The work capacity rapidly reduces as the enviroment temperatures exceeds 26-30 C (78-86 F)

Work in a cool place

To prevent stress and loss of efficiency, it is very important that the workplaces are fresh or air-conditioned, and that the desks are ergonomic and they do not add stress caused by incorrect postures.a deck chair becomes a professional desk with lounge-tek laptop support

Work with the correct posture

High ambient temperatures affect blood circulation
especially for arms and legs, it is really important to maintain correct postures and move freely. In order to maintain a relaxed yet supported posture, change positions frequently. One way is to take a break from sitting in an office chair for two minutes.

Even at home

Thanks to the web revolution, in recent years, more and more people are working from home (home workers and freelancers) or staying for a long time on laptops for entertainment or social networks.

The ergonomic support you need.

Lounge-book is the ergonomic support to use your laptop in an ergonomically correct position with maximum freedom of movement. And you can also bring your Laptop in the terrace or garden and work from the deck chair!

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No Laptop Overheating

No Laptop Overheating

More power, more microchips , more heathing.

Laptops have become powerful and compact thanks to innovative microchips ever more densely packed with transistors. These developments causes a risk of overheating. It can cause hardware failure and permanent damage.
Summer is coming, houses temperature is growing, it’s very important to prevent overheating laptop to improve the performance and extend the lifespan of your computer.

How Do You Know Your Laptop Is Overheating?

An alarm that your computer is overheating is when your fan is always running at maximum speed: a tool like HW Monitor might also reveal which part of your laptop is getting too hot. Mainly, you’ll find that the CPU or GPU are causing overheating.

What Causes Overheating of laptops?

Insufficient cooling is the main cause of Overheating, potential reasons include dust blocking intake grills or exhaust ports, a clogged up fan, or a degenerated thermal grease between the heat sink and the CPU or GPU.
Perhaps the most common cause of laptop overheating is if you use your laptop on soft surfaces such as pillows, blankets, couches and dresses over lap that may inadvertently blocking fan vents and obstructing your laptop’s air flow.
The intake grills are small openings that allow air to be sucked into the laptop by the revolving fans. They can sit on the sides or at the bottom of your notebook. Always use your laptop on a hard, flat surface, a good idea is elevate it slightly to allow for better air circulation.

Take a special laptop stand!

Lounge-book is the smart laptop support that prevent Overheating and at the same time offer a correct posture when using laptop on armchari, couch, sofa, recliner and even on the bed.

Thankhs to the special holes of the laptop tray and coolfit special feets made by technogel, your laptop will work in the always with the better air flow conditions. (or work with your laptop from garden or terrace)

Coolfit improve cooling of laptops and notebook

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Ergonomic table for laptop. Never seat wrong at your desk.

ergonomic table laptop

We founded this helpful video that explains well what are the more common ergonomic errors when you use a computer at your desk.
That’s the same also with laptops, thanks to Lounge-tek supports you can create an ergonomic desktop also on armchair or sofa.

Thanks to the Lounge-tek support you can easly follow the five suggestions you’ve got from the video.

  • Don’t sit perfectly straight (better with 135 degree)
  • Don’t set your chair height for your legs
  • Rest your wrists when using the mouse
  • Don’t use desk with built drawers
  • Create an height-adjustable  desk

Lounge-tek supports have the features you need to create a fully ergonomic laptop table designed for laptops, big notebooks and also tablet PC with  space for external keybords

accessories ipad tablet PC

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Stylish laptop Lounge @Milan Design Week

lounge-chiar for laptop lyfestyle

Here is our Laptop Lounge @Fuorisalone Milan, Fabbrica del vapore.
We invented a new concept in furniture, to enjoy new digital lifestyle

New furniture concepts for a digital house

Lounge-book is a fully adjustable laptop stand, expressly designed to find a correct posture using laptop at home.
Once upon a time, a paper book, a pencil, a vinyl, an analog entertainment, a book-shelf full of physical books and music. Now there are enormous benefits to working with media, files and devices in the digital domain, we can do anything with our laptop!
We can live in a minimal livingroom without giving up any entertainment and integrate a working place for home-workers!!!

watch superbowl comfortable on your laptop on sofa, armchgair bed.

Lounge-book: a perfect Laptop desk at home

Most of people use laptop for hours and hours at home without a proper desk. A wrong position in the long term can cause stress and pain in the back, spine, wrists and neck muscles.
With Lounge-tek supports, you can transform your favorite Sofa, armchair, bed in a perfect laptop desk.
Spring and summer are coming, take your laptop on garden or terrace!

Ergonomic laptop stand. Fully adjustable, suymmetric.


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Laptop stand-desk-table? Lounge-book is the All in one ergonomic solution

laptop cooling comfort ergonomic support

Mobile devices as laptop, notebook or tablet PC, works at its best on mobility. These technologies are now introduced into the workplace and elsewhere, expecially at home, where an increasing number of users as home-workers, freelance, business people, spend most of time working with computers with health implications associated with overuse.

laptop ergonomic stop back-pain

Ergonomic issues

Due to their mobility notebook computers are used in a variety of work environments resulting in several user postural configurations. Users often sit in chairs and work with notebook computers set on non-adjustable work-surfaces without the use of external keyboards, pointing devices, or monitors.

Don’t hold your laptop on your lap.

Working with notebook computers on the lap is associated with even more head and neck flexion. This can be attributed to the lower screen height of a notebook computer, which has been reported several times as a significant factor for head and neck discomfort. In addition to placing the notebook in the lap, notebook users take on many other non-desk postures. These include sitting cross-legged, laying prone (face down), and seated with feet raised and legs either straight or knees flexed approximately 90 degrees.


Accessories can improve non-neutral postures associated with the devices, to setting up a notebook to emulate a desktop computer, with the use of accessories such as notebook riser, keyboards and pointing devices. The use of external keyboards and pointing devices is associated with lower levels of discomfort and better levels of productivity Performance is often better with an external mouse compared to an internal touch pad.

Lounge-book improves head and neck postures and user experiences

Lounge-book is the fully adjustable laptop support that allow to find a good posture using laptop at home.
Height regulation, tilting and rotating laptop base, Lounge-book easly slide under most of furniture as armchair, sofa, chiase longue, lounge-chair, and even bed.
Seated postures with sufficient back support are often more comfortable than the prone, with relaxed shoulders and more neutral postures.
Working with notebook computers on top of a desk has been associated with greater head and neck flexion; however, it is often associated with less wrist extension.
Compared to working with a desktop or a notebook in a desktop configuration (raised monitor and external keyboard and mouse) head flexion is about 10 degrees more when using a notebook computer.
Lounge-book also allow to move legs: sitting in the same position for hours, like in a chair where the body is bent at the hips and knees, can block blood from getting back to the heart, and may even cause your legs to become swollen.

ergonomic laptop support. Lounge-book transforms your sofa, armchair, lounge-chair in a perfect lapdesk.

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Watch TV on Laptop at home, office, wherever you want

Watch TV at home, on your laptop

Prolonged use of a laptop, however, has its ergonomic limitations. On its own, the laptop is unsuited for working or  watch media (at least 3 hours) for more than one hours, working longer on a laptop results in an uncomfortable position with pain and stress. Prolonged laptop use leads to more fatigue and discomfort in the neck and shoulder region. Screen has to be adjusted to eye level. This can be accomplished with an integrated laptop support as Lounge-book.
You will be also, free to move, during advertising spots, to take a drink or your favorite snack!

watch superbowl comfortable on your laptop on sofa, armchgair bed.

Watch sspecial events wherever you want, for example Superbowl …If you live in the US and have access to the internet, then you’ll be able to watch Super Bowl 2019 on CBS that will stream the event live through its Sports website and mobile apps.
CBS has even the sweetened the deal by allowing users to stream the Super Bowl without having to sign in. Verizon subscribers will also be able to stream the game on their mobile devices via the company’s sites and services such as AOl, Complex and Yahoo. YouTubeTV,  Playstation Vue and Sling TV  all providing an alternative.
American football fans in the UK will be able to watch Super Bowl 2019 on either the BBC One for free or on Sky Sports with a subscription.

135 degrres position perfect posture


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Laptop supports Brown Series

The new lounge-book brown series laptop support

A new finishing for Lounge-book laptop supports is now on stock.
Lounge-book Brown and Crystal Brown have the main structure with height regulation, made by Painted metal by powder coating with Ecopolifix zero emission, the color is dark brown with “Corten” rusted effect.

Il supporto completamente regolabnile per laptop e notebook. Trova la corretta postura
The fully adjustable (rotation and tilt) Laptop base, and the lateral mouse-pad, are made by a stylish and strong polycarbonate transparent (Crystal) or Wengeè effect.
Knobs are made by Plastic anthracithe, Crystal model has an height regulation knob stylish, handmade by aluminium expressly designed for lounge-tek.
This model meets design style with natural wood or industrial decorating style.


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Hundred years. Thank you Achille Castiglioni

works and philosofy of achille castiglioni the master of italian design that inspire every day our work

2018, Achille Castiglioni would be one hundred years old.
A special memory for his work that inspired us so much in the creation of our products. His thoughts guide us in our daily work: a philosophy that we feel contemporary more than ever, which we summarize with one of his most famous aphorism: “Good design projects never originate from the ambition to leave one’s own mark, but from one’s willingness to build a relationship with the unknown end-user.”Achille Castiglioni

Ci siamo ispirati alla lampada toio di achille castiglioni per realizzare il nostro supporto per notebook Lounge-book

Welcome back Brionvega! One of the brands that made the history of TV and Radio in the sixties. Brionvega returns with masterpieces of design including objects such as the “stereo radio phonograph” of Castiglioni or the radio “cube”. It was a design that had in the DNA the tradition of craftsmanship, traditional materials such as metal and wood but also with the innovation of plastic materials. But the main point of the thought was to create robust practical objects with intelligent and versatile solutions. It is the same philosophy and materials that we find in our ergonomic supports for laptops, objects that have shapes inspired by tradition but offer modern solutions for the new digital lifestyles.

supporto per tablet con design ispirato meaestri design anni 60

Il radiofonografo di achille castiglioni per brionvega

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Smart & Stylish support for iPad Pro and tablet PC

the perfect support for ipad pro and other big tablet PC

Smart devices as iPad Pro, also at home

Tablet PC are a new way to use computers, with intuitive gestures achieved for mobile computing.
However, responsive pencil,  Face ID and all the smart features included in amazing device like iPad Pro, tempt users to replace dektop and laptops with tablet PC, also for home-Computing.

Love your iPad as you can see on the video above?

Take care how you use it!  As convenient as iPads and other tablet computers are, they can cause physical problems because people often peer down at them in their laps. Viewing a computer screen is less stressful on the body when users are seated looking straight at the screen, not from above or below.
People use tablet PC in four different positions: in the lap with the tablet held with their hand; in the lap with the tablet resting against its case at the low angle position; on a table against the case at the low angle position and on a table with the case at its high angle position. Only when used on a table at the high angle position, users’ posture approach neutrality a straight-on viewing position. From the other three positions, users look downward at their tablets, at a steeper angle than has generally been reported for laptop or desktop computer users. Over an extended period of time, this is likely to cause stress on neck muscles and other postural problems.

Lounge-wood the smart support to enjoy iPad Pro at home

Loungewood is the perfect support also for tablet pc like iPad pro

Lounge-wood was born for laptops, but in 2014, we have introduced some features to improve the user experience with Tablet and e-Book reader.
The cut, allow to use tablet in two modes with different angles, always safety for devices.


  • The first
    one is 40°, leaving space for an external keyboard, you can tilt the tray for the more comfortable position. In this mode, a Lounge-wood transforms your tablet in a perfect netbook
  • The second one is 10 ° against the tray board, as a support useful to watch video and multimedia.

“The cut” 280mm long, can hold Tablet PC  max. 13 mm thickness.  Some felt-pads are supplied in each Lounge-wood, to host the slim last generation Tablet PC as iPad Pro (iPad Pro 12,9 inches requires the Smart Keyboard Folio)

loungewood as tablet stand

Are you looking for a cheap but as Smart solution?

With Logitech k480 you can transform any tablet or smartphone in laptop, with lounge-book you can use it comfortable, on your favorite place at home.
Multi-device keyboard bluetooth k480 by Logitech: the revolutionary keyboard for your computer that also works with your smartphone or tablet.
– Bluetooth wireless
– Multi-platform and cross-platform
Ergonomic laptop support Lounge-book: the most imited fully adjustable laptop stand that improve ergonomic features of mobile device at home.

The ultimate desktop solution for your mobile devices with lounge-book and the best multi-device keyboard bluetooth k480 by Logitech


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Desktop for mobile devices: Lounge-book + Logitech k480

The ultimate desktop solution for your mobile devices with lounge-book and the best multi-device keyboard bluetooth k480 by Logitech

The ultimate desktop solution for your mobile devices.

With Logitech k480 you can transform any tablet or smartphone in laptop, with lounge-book you can use it comfortable, on your favorite place at home.
Multi-device keyboard bluetooth k480 by Logitech: the revolutionary keyboard for your computer that also works with your smartphone or tablet.
– Bluetooth wireless
– Multi-platform and cross-platform
Ergonomic laptop support Lounge-book: the most imited fully adjustable laptop stand that improve ergonomic features of mobile device at home.

Set your laptop height and screen angle so you can easily view the screen without bending or rotating your neck

The integrated cradle of 480 holds your phone or tablet, tilting base of Lounge-book at just the right angle for you to read while you type. Height regulation of Lounge-book can place the screen at eye level, the main structure  place the display at the right distance. The viewing range provides visual comfort for majority of computer users and eliminates the risk for eyestrain.

Let seat on your favorite place, freedom to move. 

Transform Sofa, Armchair, Bed in a comfortable laptop desk,   Usually people hold laptops and tablet PC with legs or abdominal muscles this is cause of stress and other health issues. Prolonged sitting causes various health disorders, change of position and exercising regularly promotes blood circulation.

Stop EMF radiation keep your laptop away from body


Switch easily between devices

Just turn the Easy-Switch dial to switch typing between three connected Bluetooth wireless devices.

SWITCH EASILY BETWEEN DEVICES Just turn the Easy-Switch dial to switch typing between three connected Bluetooth wireless devices.

Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

You’ll find a familiar keyboard layout with all the shortcut keys you use the most.
For Windows, Mac or Chrome computers, Android or iOS mobile devices.

System requirements for k480

Bluetooth wireless computers or mobile devices which support external keyboards.
PC: Windows® 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 Mac: Mac OS X® or later Chrome OS™ iPad® or iPhone®: iOS 5 or later Android™ tablet or smartphone: Android 3.2 or later.

WINDOWS AND MAC. ANDROID AND IOS You’ll find a familiar keyboard layout with all the shortcut keys you use the most. - For Windows, Mac or Chrome computers - For Android or iOS mobile devices.

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