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New concepts in furniture: Lounge-tek with the lapdesks at Fuorisalone 2011.

“I Saloni 2011” has expired, and we would thanks LAGO to show our supports in the amazing  Appartamento LAGO 

The Appartamento Lago project emerged with just this intent: improve people’s lives and work, develop connections, let design be seen in a real house, so that it can be tried out, touched and experienced.

LAGO’s staff  is careful to all the innovation styles: for this they show our products in his live show room in Milan.
Our supports for laptop are a new solution to meet the new digital lifestyles, introduced by Internet and the Digital revolution.
A Laptop desk with a powerful laptop or tablet potentially archives bookshelf and tables …like paper books, DVD, Cd, Tapes, and other goods we usually put away in furniture.
And are changing also communications and mass media, let’s think to digital newspaper and magazine… or at the lessen significance of Tv, for many years queen of the living room.

Our supports was useful  to support the laptops and tablet of the Retopolis Staff. Restopolis is a project to crete a social network for restaurants.

KOUNGE TEK Support for tablet and e-book

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The New Lounge-wood preview, at the Milan Design Week

Milan, April 2010
Lounge-wood is the new support for Laptop and Tablet produced in Wood, inox steel and aluminium.

The product is totally designed and made from Lounge-tek and her artisan partners in the Veneto furniture district .
All the supports Lounge-tek have the same features but differ in the finishes in order to adapt to any type of furniture and meet any taste.

The Lounge-book is made of metal and plastics, the Lounge-wood in metal and cultivated wood. Finishes and material are designed to fit perfectly with any type of furniture.
The Lounge-wood is provided in two models, standard and Sail, with a Shelf Storage for Smartphone inspired by the forms of a Spinnaker
The Lounge-wood, thanks to the wood with special transparent painting effects, gives warmth to every ambient.
The Lounge- wood is even more versatile, thanks to the fastening system that runs along the axis of the two stems, which adapts to high beds, as the ones used in USA, or very low ones, like the Japanese Tatami.

Attention to details
Our partners are craft makers that apply the know how of the traditional Furniture in Veneto. For this fact our products have special features, for example the Lounge Wood’s knobs are made by handmade turning based on a Lounge Tek’s exclusive design.

Enviromental respect
The Lounge-wood models are made on cultivated wood painted with Water Coatings “Zero Pollution level”

a new loungewood at the design week Milan 2010
We presented Lounge-wood in the “Appartamento LAGO” during the Milan Design Week 2010  in Brera.
Appartamento Lago emerged from the awareness that design should not look to the individual product but rather to the improvement of people’s lives and work.
Lago create the first global network of houses where one can experience a revolutionary approach to living space.
Appartamento Lago focuses on the centrality of the individual, the Tenant and his or her guests, transforming the home into a zone open to relationships, experiences and culture.
Lounge-tek’s products was considered from the Lago Staff as a innovative furniture element where tradition meets innovation, to comply the new needs of the “native digital” people.