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Tino feng shui design for stool

TinTable new furniture inspired by Feng Shui Design

Feng Shui Design TinTable (Tino to his friends) is a new furniture element produced by Lounge-tek. It’s inspired by Feng Shui Design (Tin-Art Project by Alessia Tomasi). You c Alessia Tomasi, is a Designer from Vicenza, Italy and she was the creator of Tin-Art Project. Thanks to her profound knowledge of the rules of Feng Shui, she has…
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Green Decor: Lounge-tek introduces Biovertigo, the vegetal Picture Frame

Lounge-tek developes new concepts for a new digital lifestyle, now with an innovative element for Green Decor We think Biovertigo as a easy way to decore your house with plants and flowers reducing maintenance and daily irrigation. Green Decor available for two Models and sizes: Biovertigo Easy 2 Balconies made by ABS and Polycarbonate, Red, White and Black  …
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Use your laptop oudoor with a laptop support ecodesign made by recycled materials

Materials are not unlimited: new Lounge-book EcoDesign

Verona, Italy – July 2012 The Lounge-book is the innovative device to use your Notebook and Tablet in total comfort thanks to its ergonomic design. The new “EcoDesign” model keeps  the features that has determined its success; moreover it is made with a 90 % of recycled materials   Here is the news: – The notebook-holder tray…
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