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Notebook accessories for public spaces and wi-fi area

ergonomic supports for wi-fi lounge

Lounge-tek products are born as Notebook Accessories to be used at home.
Thanks to their ergonomic features may become a commodity, to offer internet to customers, as the internet connection.
All people focus on the connectivity service, but it is also important to enjoy computing in ergonomic way to relax and prevent postural troubles.
Waiting rooms in airports, stations, offices, Lounge Hotels and Lodges can use lounge-tek supports as an alternative to tables and bedside table in the rooms.
Even bars, social clubs , Golf Clubs , Yacht and Beach Club can offer an intelligent solution for members or events. For example, at Fashion Week in Sydney, Bloggers were equipped of our accessory for Notebook, to post reviews directly from fashion show.

Lounge-tek supports allow you to use Notebook and Tablet comfortable on armchairs or chaise -longue without put them over legs. Freedom to move and easly share contents with collaborators, thanks to the 360 ° rotation of the laptop-tray.
Lounge-book also keeps distance from body, avoids direct contact skin-laptops.

laptop stand support for laptop on hotels lounge and waiting room


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laptop ergonomic for hospitality: lounge-book in apartment residence Bolzano

bedside table for laptops hotel rooms

A perfect furniture elemen for hotels  and hospitality

Booking Bolzano offers new solutions for modern-style living in the beautiful and historic city of Bolzano.
Comfort, privacy and convencience are only some of the advantanges we offer over traditional hotels.

More space, ergonomic comfort in Hotel rooms.

They say : “Our properties are fully equipped, thus offering the best comforts. Our staff is always at your disposal to satisfy every need.”

A bedside table for laptop and tablet.

Booking Bolzano offers to clients a lounge-book: a new way to use laptop , also in hotel, for  people that wish to use laptops and tablet also after a business journey or on holidays.
They chosen the model Ecodesign to be enviroment friendly , according the mood of the rooms.

Hotel uncomfortable, as usual!

It’s difficult to find an ergonomic place on hotel rooms. A poor posture using laptop, as usual! After a business day, people mainly need to work again from the hotel room, to communicate, send reports or improve presentations for the day later.
Lounge-book in a hotel room improve ergonomic features of laptop, creating a perfect work-place also on the bed, saving space if used instead the bedside table.

Specials for Contract

Do you wish to euquipe our hotel rooms or apartment residence with Lounge-book?
You can save space and offer to clients an appreciated service!
For us it’s an important opportunity to show our products and try his features to new potential customer! We incentive hotels, apartments, Bed & Breakfast, Clubs  and other public organizations with special bids and custom versions of our laptop support!

Please contact us sending an e-mail to sales[at]