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Watch Super Bowl on Laptop by streaming services.

Superbowl 2019 straming tv on laptop. The best support to watch it comfortable on your sofa armchair and even bed

If you live in the US and have access to the internet, then you’ll be able to watch Super Bowl 2019 on CBS that will stream the event live through its Sports website and mobile apps.
CBS has even the sweetened the deal by allowing users to stream the Super Bowl without having to sign in. Verizon subscribers will also be able to stream the game on their mobile devices via the company’s sites and services such as AOl, Complex and Yahoo. YouTubeTV,  Playstation Vue and Sling TV  all providing an alternative.
American football fans in the UK will be able to watch Super Bowl 2019 on either the BBC One for free or on Sky Sports with a subscription.

watch superbowl comfortable on your laptop on sofa, armchgair bed.

Watch Super Bowl more confortable at home, on your laptop

Prolonged use of a laptop, however, has its ergonomic limitations. On its own, the laptop is unsuited for working or  watch media (at least 3 hours) for more than one hours, working longer on a laptop results in an uncomfortable position with pain and stress. Prolonged laptop use leads to more fatigue and discomfort in the neck and shoulder region. Screen has to be adjusted to eye level. This can be accomplished with an integrated laptop support as Lounge-book.
You will be also, free to move, during advertising spots, to take a drink or your favorite snack!

135 degrres position perfect posture


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Lounge-book Översyn av tidskriften Est-Elle Norden

Italienskan Mariangela har renoverat en lägenhet i ett antikt hus från 1600-talet i hjärtat av Verona, alldeles nära Arenan.
Hon påbörjade renoveringen i den fuktskadade bottenvåningen för åtta år sedan.
Hon har använt kalkfärg på väggarna för att förhindra mögelskador i framtiden.
Det är högt till tak och hon har framhävt de vackra nischerna som ursprungligen fanns……… Den ergonomiska dataskärmen som man väl kan använda liggandes i soffan kan man beställa på, pris: ca 100-390 € beroende på modell

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Notebook accessories for public spaces and wi-fi area

ergonomic supports for wi-fi lounge

Lounge-tek products are born as Notebook Accessories to be used at home.
Thanks to their ergonomic features may become a commodity, to offer internet to customers, as the internet connection.
All people focus on the connectivity service, but it is also important to enjoy computing in ergonomic way to relax and prevent postural troubles.
Waiting rooms in airports, stations, offices, Lounge Hotels and Lodges can use lounge-tek supports as an alternative to tables and bedside table in the rooms.
Even bars, social clubs , Golf Clubs , Yacht and Beach Club can offer an intelligent solution for members or events. For example, at Fashion Week in Sydney, Bloggers were equipped of our accessory for Notebook, to post reviews directly from fashion show.

Lounge-tek supports allow you to use Notebook and Tablet comfortable on armchairs or chaise -longue without put them over legs. Freedom to move and easly share contents with collaborators, thanks to the 360 ° rotation of the laptop-tray.
Lounge-book also keeps distance from body, avoids direct contact skin-laptops.

laptop stand support for laptop on hotels lounge and waiting room


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Lounge-book also for hotels and hospitality: the apartment residence Juliet House Verona

porta computer portatile da casa con deaign minimalismo e classe

Verona, September 2012

on holidays and works, how many times,  are you finding the best places to support your lapop or tablet?
Most of hotels, residence apartments, Bed & Breakfast focus theirself on the wi-fi service…. It’s also very important ergonomics of use …. especially for people that comes back after an hard work days.
People comes back to the hotel and often must be connected with the headquarter to send data , read e-mail or wrtite a report…..they need comfort with a relaxed position to use Notebook or tablet PC.
Anyone use those devices also for entertainment, to watch films , news, or simply play poker on line…

Juliet House Verona  is laptop stand in apartment residencea modern and design resort in the heart of the ancient Verona.
They give a Lounge-book as a support for laptop and tablet to customers, architect studied a special paint according with the different interiors, each inspired from different opera represented in the nearby Arena every summer.
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Lounge-book as a disabled equipment

ergonomic laptop support for pregnant woman

Lounge-book and Lounge -wood are supports to aid disabled to reach an ergonomic use of laptops and tablets.
For this reason we collaborated with the Yacht Club Verona meeting with the Italian National Paralympic Sailing Team.
It was an exciting encounter in which athletes and trainers ( Brazil 2016 Paralympics technical manager Beppe Devoti ) have described with the help of videos , their daily experiences .
A demonstration how sport is an aid to go over daily difficulties , and an evidence that with the right tools and determination, you can achieve the same results for everyone.
Many people who have purchased our notebook stands, have difficulty moving permanent or temporary: pregnant women , people that lost functionality as a result of crash, older people, or with diseases of the spine.
For all, the way to make a ” normal life” thanks to the power of Internet via Laptop , iPad , E-books, and other digital devices now available to everyone . Lounge-tek’s Supports allow to use them in an ergonomic way: man is the center of the system, the tool adapts to the user needs, to work with the ideal posture.

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laptop ergonomic for hospitality: lounge-book in apartment residence Bolzano

bedside table for laptops hotel rooms

A perfect furniture element for hospitality

Booking Bolzano offers new solutions for modern-style living in the beautiful and historic city of Bolzano.
Comfort, privacy and convencience are only some of the advantanges we offer over traditional hotels.

More space, ergonomic comfort in Hotel rooms.

They say : “Our properties are fully equipped, thus offering the best comforts. Our staff is always at your disposal to satisfy every need.”

A bedside table for laptop and tablet.

Booking Bolzano offers to clients a lounge-book: a new way to use laptop , also in hotel, for  people that wish to use laptops and tablet also after a business journey or on holidays.
They chosen the model Ecodesign to be enviroment friendly , according the mood of the rooms.

Hotel uncomfortable, as usual!

It’s difficult to find an ergonomic place on hotel rooms. A poor posture using laptop, as usual! After a business day, people mainly need to work again from the hotel room, to communicate, send reports or improve presentations for the day later.
Lounge-book in a hotel room improve ergonomic features of laptop, creating a perfect work-place also on the bed, saving space if used instead the bedside table.

Specials for Contract

Do you wish to euquipe our hotel rooms or apartment residence with Lounge-book?
You can save space and offer to clients an appreciated service!
For us it’s an important opportunity to show our products and try his features to new potential customer! We incentive hotels, apartments, Bed & Breakfast, Clubs  and other public organizations with special bids and custom versions of our laptop support!

Please contact us sending an e-mail to sales[at]

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Lounge-Book as new service for clients at the Hotel Veronesi La Torre

Thanks to the long renovation process of an old monastery, the Hotel Veronesi la Torre combines the fascination of the past with modern and contemporary design.An attractive mixture of elegance and modernity for all those people who are not satisfied with conventional standards and are searching for a refined and innovative atmosphere for business target guest.

The hotel, usually reserves some Lounge-book for the guest that want to use Laptop intensive on the room, or in a more confortable way, in the social spaces.
This is a service that clients appreciate, especially the business man that must communicate and work after coming in the hotel.
The standard furniture for hospitality usually is not confortable to use with laptops or tablet and it’s created on outdated concepts.
The Loungebook resolve also the problem of limited spaces….but this is not a problem in the Hotel Veronesi La Torre 


Situated a few minutes from Valerio Catullo Airport and near to the Verona historic centre, the Veronesi la Torre Hotel is the ideal place for your stay in Verona where you can not only relax, but also organize conferences, workshops and events.