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Desktop for mobile devices: Lounge-book + Logitech k480

The ultimate desktop solution for your mobile devices with lounge-book and the best multi-device keyboard bluetooth k480 by Logitech

The ultimate desktop solution for your mobile devices.

With Logitech k480 you can transform any tablet or smartphone in laptop, with lounge-book you can use it comfortable, on your favorite place at home.
Multi-device keyboard bluetooth k480 by Logitech: the revolutionary keyboard for your computer that also works with your smartphone or tablet.
– Bluetooth wireless
– Multi-platform and cross-platform
Ergonomic laptop support Lounge-book: the most imited fully adjustable laptop stand that improve ergonomic features of mobile device at home.

Set your laptop height and screen angle so you can easily view the screen without bending or rotating your neck

The integrated cradle of 480 holds your phone or tablet, tilting base of Lounge-book at just the right angle for you to read while you type. Height regulation of Lounge-book can place the screen at eye level, the main structure  place the display at the right distance. The viewing range provides visual comfort for majority of computer users and eliminates the risk for eyestrain.

Let seat on your favorite place, freedom to move. 

Transform Sofa, Armchair, Bed in a comfortable laptop desk,   Usually people hold laptops and tablet PC with legs or abdominal muscles this is cause of stress and other health issues. Prolonged sitting causes various health disorders, change of position and exercising regularly promotes blood circulation.

Stop EMF radiation keep your laptop away from body


Switch easily between devices

Just turn the Easy-Switch dial to switch typing between three connected Bluetooth wireless devices.

SWITCH EASILY BETWEEN DEVICES Just turn the Easy-Switch dial to switch typing between three connected Bluetooth wireless devices.

Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

You’ll find a familiar keyboard layout with all the shortcut keys you use the most.
For Windows, Mac or Chrome computers, Android or iOS mobile devices.

System requirements for k480

Bluetooth wireless computers or mobile devices which support external keyboards.
PC: Windows® 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 Mac: Mac OS X® or later Chrome OS™ iPad® or iPhone®: iOS 5 or later Android™ tablet or smartphone: Android 3.2 or later.

WINDOWS AND MAC. ANDROID AND IOS You’ll find a familiar keyboard layout with all the shortcut keys you use the most. - For Windows, Mac or Chrome computers - For Android or iOS mobile devices.

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Lounge-book for fashion bloggers at Rosemount Fashion Week

Sidney, May 2010

Rosemount Fashion Week, running from the 2nd through to the 8th of May, is a week of fashion events showcasing Australia’s leading designer brands and retailers. Fashion Week organisers will utilise a product newly introduced to the Australian market. The new Lounge Book, a collection of comfortable laptop tables will be used by internationally renowned bloggers of the fashion industry. The portability of the Lounge Book will enable bloggers to post their blogs right from the centre of action, the front row of runway collection shows.


The newly released Lounge Books are designed with both ergonomics and aesthetics in mind. While being a stylish accessory for laptop users that would appear at home in the fanciest of surroundings, it is the practicality of the Lounge Book that is paramount. Enabling users to move from bedroom, to lounge room to garden, the Lounge book gives users a freedom of movement that allows them to work in almost any environment. The ergonomic design of the Lounge Book enables use by either left or right handed users, can be height adjusted and the angle of the table can also be adjusted. This ensures users both comfort and reduced risk of computer related injuries.


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For Home Workers (outdoor): Lounge-book vs. Ikea Dave

This is Stefania Outdoor Office.

Stefania Girelli is an Italian Freelance journalist that manages a Blog about Furniture ideas with reuse of used goods and recycling of materials.
She obvously is an Home Worker … when the summer is coming, she start to work on her terrace, thanks to the Lounge-tek EcoDesign Laptop Support.
A recliner, a cushion to prevent back-pain, a Lounge-book, her Macbook, no more!

Lounge-book portanotebook ecodesign

stefania girelli outdoor office
She has made also an interesting comparison review between a Lounge-book and a Ikea Dave, where you can find the differences from a low cost table and a Lounge-book. Her article is in Italian on below a short summary….you can find it at this link:


Loungebook notebook divano

Ikea Dave collides with the arm that does not allow to fix it Lounge-book can move, tilt, turn until you get the perfect position for fast typing on the keyboard.
Another interesting thing about the Lounge-Book are the two “Coolfit” that lock the devices even when the laptop is tilted. They are perfect with my MacBook Pro because they come flush with the keyboard, the supports below the keyboard less with the MacBook Air 11″…is really very thin.
With the Ikea Dave tilted the laptop slips and you need an additional support that allows you to tilt and turn.
Both are stable, but Lounge-book’s legs, allow to insert easy under armchairs and sofa.
Lounge-book (EcoDesign Model i tested) is composed by recycled materials, the laptop tray is made by a special biopolymer 30% Plastic 70% refused wood

DAVE notebook divano

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Lounge-book relax for geek

Hello my Geeks! today i would like to introduce you an accessory unique and very confortable. His name is Lounge-book …… many times you works with a laptop on the sofa or over the legs? As usual after few minutes i must stop causing the incorrect position or the heat sink on the legs…. Link to the review (Italian)