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Lounge-wood 2014. New features to support iPad, Tablet, E-book Reader

Improve Ergonomic features of Tablet PCs, I-Pad, Kindle, E-book readers

Four years later the great success of Apple iPad, we think that the Tablet introduced a new lifestyle in mobility, but not replaced the Laptops for the personal productivity needs.
We studied for a long time to create a new ergonomic accessory, to make  comfortable use of iPad and tablet at home, expecially to watch video, surfing web and Social network, Reading e-book  or typing text with an external keyboard. Those are the typical situations where Sitting too long in any one position is always an invitation to strain, as our bodies aren’t designed to be sedentary for long periods of time. Muscles and tendons need a break,  Tablet PC and iPad are invented to use in mobility for a short time, weight is almost half kg, tolerable in ten minutes time, more is heavy for neck, whrist, hands, muscle and tendons that get stressed. Over time, it may cause neck-pain, back-pain, and other patholgies like Cervical, carpal tunnel syndrome.
We decided to improve the performance of our Laptop-supports,  using those devices, we believe that most people don’t leave their notebook to use only iPad or Tablet. “Born for Laptop, useful also for tablet PC”
We started with our Lounge-wood: in the new 2014 model , we have included a new features, to improve the user experience with those devices.
Lounge-wood allows you to use the tablet in two ways:


Positioning the device with an angle of 40 ° , adjustable by tilting the tray, with space for the bluetooth keyboard.
An amazing idea, to transform the Tablet in Netbook, while working or typing text !

Lounge-wood as a support for tablet or iPad


With an angle of 10 ° versus the edge of the tray.Perfect for multimedia contents (video , movie , photo ) allows use without hold it with hands.
The ultimate solution to preserve your iPad from crash caused by falling asleep in bed!

Support for tablet and ipad

We have already discussed the physical problems caused by prolonged use of those devices.

Here an interesting post by Digital trends
Some positions, may cause neck muscles pain and stress the cervical.If you use the tablet in netbook mode, with additional keyboard , you can  take advantage of the excellent Lounge-wood’s features improving ergonomics of laptops.For example, eyes can get near to the screen, preventing vision problems.

Loungewood tilt tablet with the right angle
The support iPad is a special slot in the Laptop-tray. It  allows tablets 7″-10 ” (12″ vertical) with thickness up to 15 mm.
Special felt-pads, supplied in each Loungewood, allow you to adjust even the slim last generation Tablets.
The base is easily removable by two screws, to make easier the cleaning operations.

laptop-tray how to clean


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Lounge-book as a support for tablet and e-book Reader

Verona, March 2010

Lounge-book was born to support Laptops but it’s also a good solution to substain the e-book readers and Tablet like the ipad, the newest form factor for PC from Apple.

We have made some product test with a “Kindle” the revolutionary e-book reader made by Amazon.

This device may revolution the way to read books thanks to its intelligent solutions: the confort of reading in every light conditions, the simply of use , 3G connectivity that means over 300.000 books available on line!
The tablet PC from apple also promise to extend the revolution of iphone to mobile computing.

After the text we think that the Lounge-book may be a useful accessories for those that need a support for read and watch video for prolonged time… keep it with the hands may be weary.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAQuesto compatto concentrato di tecnologia potrebbe rivoluzionare il modo di leggere, grazie a soluzioni intelligenti come leggibilità in condizioni di luce, semplicità di utilizzo, estrema portabilità, bassi consumi e la connettività 3G che rende sempre disponibili, in mobilità, oltre 300.000 volumi. Ci siamo subito identificati nell’approccio commerciale, che è il medesimo di Lounge-Tek: con pochi clic e la carta di credito si riceve in pochi giorni l’oggetto proveniente dall’altro capo del pianeta, magari con l’aereo di UPS che il giorno prima ha consegnato i nostri porta-notebook negli USA.  Non divaghiamo oltre: non vogliamo recensire il Kindle, ma parlare del suo utilizzo con un Lounge-book che offre considerevoli vantaggi: risolve il problema di dover sorreggere l’E-book reader con le mani per lungo tempo (come d’altronde avviene con un normale libro) e consente il posizionamento alla distanza ideale dagli occhi, due fattori funzionali che hanno sollevato perplessità e critiche da parte degli addetti ai lavori.

Per ottenere il massimo risultato, Lounge-book verrà offerto in versioni ottimizzate per consentire un aumento dell’inclinazione massima del vassoio porta notebook, utile soprattutto in caso di lettura a letto o situazioni analoghe. In Lounge-tek abbiamo ritenuto interessante lavorare da subito ad una soluzione, perché intravediamo molte analogie con i nuovi Tablet PC Touch Screen, primo fra tutti, i-Pad di Apple, la diffusione futura di questi dispositivi è tutta da scoprire, ma che si preannuncia estremamente interessante.