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Lounge-tek supports, also in Japan

IFFT is the most important Design Fair in Tokyo.

Our partner in Japan, showed features and design of Lounge-tek laptop supports.
Guests and Furniture specialists have appreciated the innovative shapes, technical solutions and quality, especially for Lounge-wood, that meet the high feeling for the natural materials of Japanese people.
A partner in Japan is an opportunity to reduce transportation costs for furniture dealers & end users: partner can also manage the shop on line and the marketplace

IFFT Interior 2015

You can buy Lounge-tek supports from Amazon Japan or contact directly

Lounge-tek Amazon jp

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Lounge-book Ecodesign laptop support kit reviewed by Jeff

We sended a Lounge-book Ecodesign to  J a freelance that has made an intersting Reviews Blog about technology and house products.
Jeff  give some interesting informations and tips to understend product and quality features.

We provide Lounge-book in a easy mountable Laptop Support Kit.

Lounge-book Ecodesign is the most enviromental friendly version of Lounge-tek Supports.
The Laptop-Tray and the Mouse-Pad are made in a Recycled Wood mixed with a Plastic special composite.
During the die casting process, the random mixing of the two components creates an effect that makes each Lounge-book a one-piece, with the emotion and the warmth offered by wood.
The strength and the resistance to moisture and wear are those proper of plastic, without increases in cost of the product.
The production process by diecast, also gives to each good, a different look from each other, like a “master piece”

whats-in-the-box lounge-book ecodesign


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The Ergonomic Support for Laptop to use it on the bed

Lounge-book and Lounge-wood are the support for Laptop, to use your laptop or tablet comfortable, also on the bed.The shape inspired by traditional lectern is founded on the “suspension” concept. You don’t need support devices with the legs.
You can use Notebook with freedom of movement, it don’t require muscle contractions to support devices with legs, only the right support for back ( more on “ergonomics” )
The computer is also safe to avoid falls: Lounge-book allows you to fall asleep with the laptop in bed! (don’t abused laptop or tablet in the evening! …… the partner may not take it up !) .
Lounge-book is more than an accessories for laptop, it comes a new concept of furniture to replace traditional bedside tables.

All the support for laptop by Lounge-tek have the same functionality, Lounge-book and Lounge -wood, differ in the height range.
Lounge-book has been studied ( range from 57cm to 75cm measured at the lower point of the lectern or the control knob ) to fit the European furnishing which provides consolidated standards for seating and beds.
Lounge -wood thanks to the different features or the structure allow more excursion : (from 20 to 90 cm).
This makes it suitable for beds of different sizes , such as very low Japanese tatami or very high beds usual in USA.
The Laptop-tray includes slot designed to improve use with tablets and e- book reader.

Pics using laptop on the bed 

Supporto per notebook a letto comodino alternatvo

supporto per notebook regoilabile e ergonomico anche a letto

Supporto per notebook a letto per donne in gravidanza

supporto per notebook ergonomico a letto


Lounge-wood Natural al Fuorisalmone 2014

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The best laptop-stand for armchairs, sofa, chaise-longue

Your armchair as an Ergonomic workplace for Laptop and tablet

The adjustable ergonomic laptop-stand by Lounge-tek, lets you use comfortable, your Notebook PC on sofa, on armchair, on design chaise-longue.
It allow the most natural position for our back, that is at an angle of 135°, more in our special section ” Ergonomics “.
The laptop tray is fully adjustable so it can be placed ” suspended” without physical contact with the body ( you don’t need to support your computer with legs, very uncomfortable! ) .
We can move freely and leave the workstation to make other things, and then immediately resume the ideal location. Laptop is always in ergonomic position, ready to use keyboard in a natural way ,  thanks to the mouse-pad you can use an additional Mouse alternative to the touchpad to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome

The structure has adjustable height and the shape of the “legs” combined with the rotation of the laptop -tray allow a perfect position to the screen, to find the correct distance from display also with small monitors. Lounge-book and Lounge -wood stand ar designed as a laptop stand but they are also useful with Tablet and E -book Reader. These devices are designed for mobile use as a smartphone, but those devices have some problems in prolonged use, while reading a digital book, surfing the web for a long time ( intensive social network) , watching videos or movies, social networks.
Those heavy devices , stress neck and wrists, due to the using position and the grip request to hands.
The Lounge -wood in 2014 is equipped with a slot to place the tablet in a perfect position, with space for the external keyboard if you use in notebook mode, giving space for other useful items such as a smartphone or a cup of tea .

Laptop-Stand PICS


Porta-notebook per chaise-longue

Laptop stand for couch

Porta-notebook per poltrona di design

ergonomic workstation ipad