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Back-pain using laptop at home

A support to transfor any chiar in ergonomic chair against backpain

Intensive use of laptops at home may cause back pain.

The features that make laptops very portable, such as a screen attached to the keyboard, are the same features that make it difficult for people to adopt correct posture when using them.
A common problem is perching a laptop on the legs so users stare down at the screen and put strain on their necks, spines and legs. Back specialists say as many as four in five patients have chronic nerve damage caused by intensive working on portable PCs and tablet PCs

stop back pain and other disease when play cards on line

135 degree Posture, best for back!

Adopt good sitting posture with lower back support, and ensure other desk equipment is within reach. Sitting in a 135 degree thigh to torso sitting angle is best for spinal discs and recommend that as the best sitting position for office workers.
That position is best for lower back discs but will ultimately cause tremendous strain on neck and upper back discs. It will take stress off lower back but very much at the expense of the neck & upper back. A 135 degree sitting angle is exactly half way between sitting up straight and lying flat on your back . It’s not very practical for the average office setting: with lounge-tek support you can transform your sofa, armchair, bed in a perfect laptop desk.
More about the 135 degree posture

135 degrres position perfect posture

Lounge-tek ergonomic Supports allow a 135 degree, perfect posture

The concept of “suspension” allow to use laptops with a perfect posture, without stress for upper back, neck and cervical muscles. Thanks to Lounge-tek supports, you can….

tilt the base with keyboard to a natural position for wrists,

use an external mouse holding

freedom to move: the change of position promotes blood circulation.

A support to transfor any chiar in ergonomic chair against backpain


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Lounge-book Översyn av tidskriften Est-Elle Norden

Italienskan Mariangela har renoverat en lägenhet i ett antikt hus från 1600-talet i hjärtat av Verona, alldeles nära Arenan.
Hon påbörjade renoveringen i den fuktskadade bottenvåningen för åtta år sedan.
Hon har använt kalkfärg på väggarna för att förhindra mögelskador i framtiden.
Det är högt till tak och hon har framhävt de vackra nischerna som ursprungligen fanns……… Den ergonomiska dataskärmen som man väl kan använda liggandes i soffan kan man beställa på, pris: ca 100-390 € beroende på modell

Den ergonomiska dataskärmen smackfilld minimalism

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The best laptop-stand for armchairs, sofa, chaise-longue

Your armchair as an Ergonomic workplace for Laptop and tablet

The adjustable ergonomic laptop-stand by Lounge-tek, lets you use comfortable, your Notebook PC on sofa, on armchair, on design chaise-longue.
It allow the most natural position for our back, that is at an angle of 135°, more in our special section ” Ergonomics “.
The laptop tray is fully adjustable so it can be placed ” suspended” without physical contact with the body ( you don’t need to support your computer with legs, very uncomfortable! ) .
We can move freely and leave the workstation to make other things, and then immediately resume the ideal location. Laptop is always in ergonomic position, ready to use keyboard in a natural way ,  thanks to the mouse-pad you can use an additional Mouse alternative to the touchpad to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome

The structure has adjustable height and the shape of the “legs” combined with the rotation of the laptop -tray allow a perfect position to the screen, to find the correct distance from display also with small monitors. Lounge-book and Lounge -wood stand ar designed as a laptop stand but they are also useful with Tablet and E -book Reader. These devices are designed for mobile use as a smartphone, but those devices have some problems in prolonged use, while reading a digital book, surfing the web for a long time ( intensive social network) , watching videos or movies, social networks.
Those heavy devices , stress neck and wrists, due to the using position and the grip request to hands.
The Lounge -wood in 2014 is equipped with a slot to place the tablet in a perfect position, with space for the external keyboard if you use in notebook mode, giving space for other useful items such as a smartphone or a cup of tea .

Laptop-Stand PICS


Porta-notebook per chaise-longue

Laptop stand for couch

Porta-notebook per poltrona di design

ergonomic workstation ipad

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Worth every dime… Lounge-Wood Laptop Stand


Lounge-Wood Laptop Stand is my next purchase for sure. As a blogger and someone who spends so much time online I really think it’s something I need. We surely need some comfy space to nestle in and the chair looks very comfortable. There is accommodation made for my iPhone and also a good surface for the mouse. It is adjustable, so it can sidle up next to any chair or couch allowing you to work comfortably. I haven’t revealed its most fantastic part yet. The part that involves my favorite beverage coffee…this also has a base to keep a cup of coffee while working. It’s got my life elegantly turned into furniture! I can actually grow old with the Lounge Wood Stand.