Watch TV on Laptop. Brazil 2014 is best with a Lounge-tek support

watching tv on laptop or tabletPC

If the German world Championship in Germany 1974 was the “Tv color mundial” , Brazil 2014 will be the “Mobile Mundial” . The great diffusion of the mobile technologies,  and the big offer of bradcast and web provider (Sky is the leader),  will start the new mobile era in soccer entertainment. In the four years since the last World Cup the number of people using smartphones, tablets and other wireless devices has exploded and there’s no better way to follow your team or watch matches live even if you’re out of the house. At home, best with a Lounge-tek’s ergonomic support for Laptop and Tablet
Watch TV on computer is more comfortable if you’ll use an ergonomic support by Lounge-tek. More than 90 minutes are hard to spend with a wrong position or with the notebook over the legs (the hot summer temperatures become very uncomfortable). With a Lounge-tek  support you will find easily the ideal position:

  • not far from eys,
  • preserving from back pain on a sofa , on a armchair, and also on the bed
  • cool on the garden on recliner.

The new Lounge-Wood Ecodesign improve Tablet user experience….. Lounge-wood allows you to use the tablet in two ways:


Positioning the device with an angle of 40 ° , adjustable by tilting the tray, with space for the bluetooth keyboard. An amazing idea, to transform the Tablet in Netbook, while working or typing text !


with an angle of 10 ° versus the edge of the tray.Perfect for multimedia contents and watching Brazil 2014 on Tablet ….. to use without hold it with hands.
The ultimate solution to preserve your iPad from crash caused by falling asleep in bed!